Gandhara MSX


                *  OPENING. You are asked to enter your name, but it will be in Japanese,

                    so, do not type anything, just hit the ENTER key, and your name will be JAMES.


                *  START: to start the game directly.




         You have been recruited for the Jihad of Peace, you are a "Buddha warrior".
     The game has six worlds and the principle is identical in each.
     Bring back the ashes of Buddha which are found in the dungeons by killing the false god,
    which returns peace back to the world. 

    Do not leave the world with the ashes in your hands because this will revive the false god.

   Go see the Tathagata of the same world who gives you a higher rank in gratitude.

  Go to Acala to get the new weapons.

   You can buy 2 Maximum Potions from the Healing Buddha to give to sick characters in exchange for an item or help.

   You also need to buy Moonstones to light the dungeons.

  Crystals (MP) are used for magic which immobilizes enemies. (Shift key)

  FOODS decreases with time, then health (HP) deteriorates.


  BEADS are used as bargaining chips.





_ White for the characters,
_ Red for Buddha's messages,
_ Green for your words,
_ Blue for computer indications,
_Purple to indicate the person visited




Useful  Keys:


Arrow keys = move
Left CTRL = kneel down to pray
F1 key = pause - resume with Enter
ESC = Menu (load - save - warp) and status
SHIFT = use magic to immobilize enemies
SPACE = fight with the sword






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